Using Cloud Hosting technology from GearHost is a great business decision. You’ll never have to deal with your site going down. You’ll be using the best hosting technology there is. You’ll have more power and resources on your side. You’ll have a full tech team at the ready whenever you need them. But don’t just take our word for it…

I spent a long time looking for a reliable hosting company. One with all the latest features for deploying web and multimedia for my clients and me. A co-worker turned me on to GearHost and I've been exceptionally content with their services. Prompt and friendly service, strong servers, never a down-time, and great prices. I've been with them for 7 years now and have migrated many of my clients to GearHost. Keep up the good work, guys.

~ Jay Grewall

My biggest worry when I was forced to find a new hosting company was that the support team would not be able to handle the myriad of problems that crop up when you have over 40 sites that seem to conspire to create weird issues. The support team at GearHost has not only been effective at dealing with all these issues but their response time is almost always amazingly fast. It is surprising that they have not only exceeded my expectations but have always done so with cheerful good humor.

~ Peter Fortunato

You guys are much better than Rackspace, but I suppose you already know that.

~ Timothy Eberly

The GearHost team has helped me as I grew from a single shared hosting account to a 2 server solution with over 50 websites. Their team is knowledgeable and available, which allows me to focus on my work. GearHost has set themselves apart with excellence and personal service.

~ Adam Eberling

I am getting so much development work done now that I am with Gear Host. I spend zero time maintaining hardware and VERY little time maintaining software. I am easily twice as productive as was this time last year.

~ John Glynn

Thank you so much! As always, wonderful support. That is why I will continue to stay with GearHost!

~ Jason Jaegers

I've been with Gearhost since approximately 2003, so I can speak pretty well on our experiences with the company over a long period of time. The fact that we are still a customer after eight years should speak volumes as web hosts are a dime a dozen. We started on a small shared account, and over the years I've had shared accounts, traditional d edicated servers, and we have been on their dynamic dedicated servers for the past few years. As an IT person I can appreciate the technology behind the cloud servers, and I can truly state any of our servers have never been down due to a problem on their network or hardware. Support over the years has been fantastic when needed, tickets are responded to promptly and Mike and the other support guys all seem very knowledgeable and helpful. Overall I've been very happy with them and the people I have referred to them over the years are still with them and very happy as well. Again, this is coming from a customer who has been with them for over 8 years, not just a month or two. Highly recommended.

~ Patrick Mangan