Happy GearHost Cloud Clients

Why GearHost?

What makes us the best cloud for your .NET or PHP app?

Here's how it works

Making the switch to cloud hosting is a simple and seamless process. It's a matter of plucking your website off of that old legacy hosting environment and putting it into the cloud. Just upload your existing website to our platform - no need to change any code or build a website. And if you need a hand, the GearHost team is available to help!

Our killer customer service

Even when GearHost founder Ryan Kekos was running the show on his own, he offered 24/7 support (often from his bedside phone). While the customer service team has grown, our commitment to you is still the same. Your call will be answered. Period.

Guaranteed current technology

In technology, innovation is the name of the game and GearHost is ready to play. We pride ourselves on offering your business the best web hosting technology there is. If you’re not looking forward, you’re already behind. Stick with GearHost and stay ahead of the pack.

Dynamic Scalability

Imagine going from one hit to one million, without so much as a blip. With GearHost’s dynamic scalability, this is not only possible but simply the way we roll. If you’re growing, we’ll be there right there with you. .

Get more for your money

Get industry leading technology at a price so reasonable that any business can afford to get on board. Scalable cloud web hosting is no longer an exclusive technology that only large corporations can afford. Now all businesses can access the power and resources of the cloud.

Uptime Guarantee

Our 100% uptime guarantee simply can’t be matched by any legacy shared hosting option. With GearHost cloud web hosting, your website is always online, no matter what else is going on. Server crashes or traffic spikes are no longer a problem.

Cost Cutting

How does cutting costs sound? No need to set up hardware. Configure the environment. Dedicate IT staff. Maintain heavy costs for occasional traffic spikes. GearHost has everything ready to go, and you only pay for what you need. Flexibility and savings? Yes please.

Built for developers by developers

We know what developers need and want. We've built our services around those realities creating a platform that provides business with 100% uptime and scalability to give their applications the performance they need in the real world.