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Cloud Hosting

Top of the line cloud for your .NET and PHP apps, guaranteed.


Shared cloud hosting for your .NET and PHP apps

CloudSites™ offers a solid web farm clustered cloud hosting solution for your .NET and PHP applications. Each app is load balanced to offer top performance and scalability in a web farm, 100% of the time.



Scalable cloud servers in minutes for your apps

Host your web server or business critical infrastruture in the cloud to reduce costs, increase performance and availability with our 100% uptime. Launch your CloudServer™ instance in minutes.


Top of the line technology

Get all the power and resources of cloud hosting, for the same cost as shared hosting packages.

Get more for your money

CloudSites™ is used by thousands of developers and businesses to host anything from personal blogs to high traffic web applications.

Guaranteed 100% uptime

With GearHost you know you’re online, all the time.

Full support

With GearHost, one of our expert staff is just a phone call or email away.


Hands down the most powerful web hosting option available

With GearHost CloudSites, you’re always online - GUARANTEED 100 % uptime. Pair that with dynamic scalability, mind-blowing performance and a price that any business can afford, and you’ve got the CloudSites advantage. Get top of the line technology working for your business. Get on the cloud.


Just like a dedicated server, but with all the cloud benefits

You’ll get 100% Hardware and Network SLA, complete control of the environment and administrative RDP access. All while enjoying the perks of cloud technology. We also offer private clouds. Take your dedicated server to the next level – make it a CloudServer.

The power of cloud hosting

Cloud hosting technology quite simply offers you what no legacy shared hosting platform ever could…