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About Us

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About Gearhost

GearHost has been providing top-notch web hosting solutions since 2000. Based in Denver, Colorado, and serving the world, GearHost is known for its top of the line technology and unfailing support. At GearHost, we don’t just host websites; we live and breathe web hosting technology.

What Drives Us

At GearHost, we’re on a mission to go above and beyond being just a web host. We want to blow you away with…

Our killer customer service
Our beyond reasonable prices
Our obsession with innovation

Our Story

Beginnings don’t get much humbler than starting a company in your Mom’s basement, and that’s just what GearHost’s founder and owner Ryan Kekos did. A major computer nerd and techie since childhood, Ryan built his own computer and didn’t bat an eye at creating software from scratch to save a few bucks. It’s no big surprise that he started his career at Microsoft, before eventually leaving the technology giant to start his own web hosting company. Take it from Mark Zuckerberg and Sean Parker, turning down Microsoft is an indicator you are on the brink of something big!

While GearHost has since grown from being a one-man show to a leading provider of web hosting, Ryan’s commitment to his customers and to providing the best technology there is, has remained the same. We kept our basement-casual attitude and mixed it with corporate-level business practices, because that’s just who we are. And you can count on that.

Our Team

We would like to take a little time to introduse you to the team behind GearHost and tell you a little about ourselves. Most of all we want to thank you for being loyal GearHost customers.

Our founding father, Ryan started GearHost in his mom’s basement. He is the heart and soul of GearHost always pushing his employees to be better than they know they can be. He is always living on the cutting edge of technology and able to see internet trends before the average user.

Travis is our Support Manager, he is in charge of making sure every customer is not only happy with our service but communicating each of our customers’ requests to our IT department. He has always worked with computers since he was a kid and enjoys web hosting. He has a great ambition to be a professional magic player on the weekends away from GearHost.

Dustin is the local code.guru at GearHost. He is passionate about everything he does including developing the next great hosting interface for our customers to operate their websites. Dustin is in about every fantasy league you can imagine including Pro Bull Riding, Nascar, Championship paint drying, and of course Football. Dustin prides himself on being able to create an application to do his bidding and can develop tools for our staff very efficiently.

If GearHost had a parent it would be Vince, from mediating some of our crazy meetings to making sure our cabinets are not scratched when they are installed, Vince is always there (sometimes after hours) to make sure it’s done. Vince is also our CTO an in charge of making sure that the technology we use for the back end of our hosting is nothing but the best.

Were not quite sure what chad does but he’s good at shooting darts across the office with precision, A glitch in accounting keeps him getting a paycheck however his frustration with moving his desk on a daily basis as well as trying to find his red stapler keep him quite busy throughout the day.

Mike Kauspedas is responsible for the feeding and wellbeing of the servers in the farm along with bringing new servers into the farm. He started with GearHost taking care of a few of them back in 2004 as a support engineer and eventually moved up to head server caretaker. Now we call him the server whisperer. Mike brings years of experience in web hosting, database server administration, email services, and complex clustering technologies. There is no solution or issue too simple or complex that he will not build or resolve. His secret code word is meh, and he own CloudClaw the GearHost mascot.

Daryl is responsible for talking to our customers and relaying their issues to our Support Manager, He is a hard working punctual and smart individual that works to make sure all of our customers are happy. Happy customers equal Happy Life and this is his number one priority.

Billy our networking.guru is so good at his job he spends all of his day’s in Hawaii watching the waves crash at his feet while thinking of ways to optimize packets to reach him faster.

– Kyle is here to work with our customers and communicate their needs to our IT department. He is an established wordpress.guru and has been working on making Gearhost friendly to the wordpress platform. He has installed and tested many plugins and can do any task his support manager can throw his way

Christopher is the FNG so we are just learning his quirks and how he will best fit the GearHost team.